Moto Ski

The Moto-Ski was built in LaPocatière, Québec by Jean Yves Bélanger and Raoul Pelletier in 1963. This was not their first sled, as they built a contraption called “Le Cupidon” (cupid) first. Le Coupidon was green with a big windshield and a cleated track. The venture was financed by a Mr. C.E. Bouchard (Industries Bouchard) for whom Mr. Pelletier was a salesman. Mr. Bélanger was the machinist-mechanic behind the venture. Mr. Bouchard owned a pharmaceutical manufacturing business (aspirin & cosmetics).

The Moto-Ski name was the result of a contest at a local school to name the new sled.

The Moto-Ski Capri was a two passenger sled that was available with single and twin cylinder two stroke engines of 292 cc’s to 440 cc’s in displacement and rated up to approximately 35 horsepower. TheCaprihad a top speed of around 60 to 70 MPH.

The Zephyr was larger than theCapri, could carry three passengers and was available with a more powerful 634 cc engine. The top speed of these sleds was around 70 to 80 mph.

In 1973 Moto-ski brought to the market their first models with the engines mounted low in the bellypan for a lower centre of gravity. These new models were the F (family) and S (sport) powered by BSE (Bouchard Snowmobile Engine) motors. The new models came with 3 engine size options, the 295cc, 340cc and 440cc. Starting in 1973 all Moto-Ski models were designed by Bombardier.