Christmas Raffle Winners:

Selling raffle tickets was a challenge this year as everyone is facing various challenges due to the times we are in. We appreciate everyone who helped sell them and the people who bought them for supporting our club.

Todd Renn $2,000

Kristina DeVore $700

Ken Raap $500

Darin Schnabel $400

Mark Weiss $300

Evelyn Navarro $150

Brian Vogt $125

Matt Haley $125

Judy Pietkiewicz $100

George Brossard $100

Alan Kaddatz $50

Herb Wiegel $50

Jackie Johnson $50

Mike Optiz $50

Dave Anstett $50

Rich Rego $50

Chuck Schenning $50

Jeff Neiderer $50

Danny Smekens $50

Sam Finley $50


Don’t forget, you need a trail pass to ride legally in Wisconsin. Contact us regarding how you can get a discounted trail pass!