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    Something to think about…..

    Most snowmobilers don’t think about where snowmobile trails come from. Trails are not legislated or a God-given right. Mostly, snowmobile trails exist because someone has said “Yes”.

    Frequently, that someone is a private landowner whose property is situated where a snowmobile club wants to route a trail. Clubs must obtain permission from the landowner to cross their property. Normally, for a designated narrow strip of land, to be used only in the winter by snowmobiles with valid Snowmobile Trail Permits.

    If enough landowners say ‘no’, either to a new trail or the renewal of an existing one, it would threaten the existence of the system we enjoy today. Think about it: snowmobiling in some areas could return to the dark ages where there were no linkages to other networks and regions, only the ability to ride around in local loops.stay-on-trail-sign

    Don’t forget, you need a trail pass to ride legally in Wisconsin. Contact us regarding how you can get a discounted trail pass!